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Hi there! We are the guys behind Printmycity - Dennis and Mark.

We met during an event called Startup Weekend in 2016 in the Dutch city of Groningen, and in January 2017 we started printmijnstad.nl (literal translation: print my city), where quality, personality and ease of use come together.

In August 2019, we introduced the international version, Printmycity.com.

How did we come up with this idea?

Well, at that time Dennis had just moved into a new apartment and was looking to decorate it with a poster of the town he grew up in - a charming town that had a special place in his heart. But he couldn't find a poster of this small Dutch town anywhere, plus he didn't really like any of the designs.

So he decided to design his own custom poster, in the style that he liked. He found a local printing company and was very impressed with the quality of the print.

Soon, all of his friends that visited his home started asking about the posters and asking him where they could buy one.

So, together with Mark we decided to develop an editor that helps bring people's favorite places into their homes.

Over time, we have also added star maps to help celebrate your special moments.

As of January 2020, Printmijnstad and Printmycity users combined have generated over 10,000 posters!  


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